The Guzmania plant, also known as Bromeliad is a beautiful houseplant. Guzmanias have a long lasting, colourful bloom that bring the tropics straight into your house. They are an easy to care for plant, which come in a variety of colours. 

Growing Tips


The leaves of a guzmania are often scoop like, and grow around a central "cup" or "water reservoir" of the plant. To water, fill the "cup" at the base of the leaves. When the water has disappeared, fill the "cup" again.


Guzmanias grow best in medium to bright light. While some can handle direct sun, many guzmanias prefer indirect or filtered sun.


Guzmanias enjoy a constant warmth, and prefer to kept above 18 degrees Celsius. It is also important to consider humidity levels. These plants prefer average to above average humidity levels. A dry area may cause browning in the leafs.

Plant Food:

Feed your guzmania with any general purpose house plant food diluted in half. It is recommended to feed your plant every month, during the warm months of spring and summer. 

Animal Concerns:

Consumption of a guzmania is not considered to be toxic to pets.

Fun Fact:

When a guzmania's bloom begins to fade, it is natural for the plant to begin to wither. This is considered the end of its life cycle. However a guzmania may begin to produce baby plants or "pups" at the base of the mother plant. You can take these "pups" and grow new guzmania plants.