We extend a warm welcome to the esteemed Carriage House situated within the breathtaking Vineland Estates Winery, offering an unrivaled vista of the vast vineyards on the Niagara Escarpment bench. Indulge in samplings of our exceptional wines, which authentically reflect the distinctiveness of our growing area, paired with a gourmet charcuterie that will tantalize your palate.


One of the highlights of our workshop is the opportunity to craft an exquisite floral arrangement showcasing the captivating peony blooms. These alluring blooms commence as a tight bud and gradually unfurl into a fluffy and luscious spectacle that is simply divine. Take pride in your creation and bring home a splendid floral display crafted by you!


We strive to ensure that our guests enjoy a truly unforgettable experience at Vineland Estates Winery, where history and modernity meet to create an unparalleled ambiance.