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Succulent Oasis


Craft a beautiful centerpiece for your kitchen island or adorn your table with this unique creation that is sure to enhance any space.


You will  have the opportunity to design a stunning oblong accent piece using a row of fragrant hyacinth bulbs and an array of diverse succulents.


Explore the endless possibilities as succulents dazzle with their amazing range of colours, shapes, sizes, textures, and varieties. Succulents not only add natural beauty but also require minimal care. Be amazed while you watch them grow and thrive


This will be a  truly captivating accent piece bringing a touch of nature into our indoor living spaces, or outdoor patio space during the summer months. An arrangement  that will be cherished for years to come.


Approx. 20″ in length


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Design an all natural oasis inside a tin vessel featuring a row of fragrant hyacinth bulbs and the forever popular lush succulents. Choose your succulents from a vast array of different shapes and colours. Decorate with coloured mosses and stones. This beautiful piece can be enjoyed outside under a covered patio or placed inside for your enjoyment.


Express your creativity as you become the master designer in this workshop! Craft an all-natural oasis inside a charming tin vessel with a row of aromatic hyacinth bulbs and the ever-popular lush succulents. You are in charge—select your succulents from a vast array of shapes and colors, then adorn your creation with vibrant mosses and stones. Whether you choose to showcase this beautiful piece outside under a covered patio or bring it indoors, the final result will be a testament to your unique style and flair. Join us and bring your vision to life!

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