Revamp your wall space with our innovative Moss Workshop! In this engaging session, you’ll have the opportunity to design a stunning spherical frame adorned with an assortment of natural mosses, including sheet moss, reindeer moss, amaranthus moss, and the captivating mood moss.


Mood moss, known for its lush, thick texture and vibrant green hue, takes center stage in this unique creation, offering a visually striking and varied composition. Unleash your creativity by customizing your piece to match your preferred color scheme. Choose from a selection of vibrant reindeer moss available during the workshop to seamlessly blend with your existing decor.


What sets this piece apart is its maintenance-free nature—no watering or misting required. Simply hang it up, step back, and relish in the everlasting beauty of your handcrafted moss creation. Truly, a workshop, where nature meets design, to transform your living space.


Dimensions: Measures 12″