In this kit, you’ll find an elegantly planted cypress tree nestled within one ceramic vessel, radiating a touch of natural grace and longevity.
The second ceramic container hosts a lush assortment of winter greens intricately arranged, meticulously selected to evoke the picturesque charm of the winter landscape. Adorned with seasonal decorations, these greens capture the essence of the holiday season, creating a captivating tableau that brings the magic of winter indoors.
Accompanying the arrangement is an endearing gnome, adding a whimsical and heartwarming touch to your winter display.
Each element in this DIY kit has been curated to complement the other, creating a delightful combination that will undoubtedly enrich your home with the cozy and festive atmosphere of wintertime.
Think you’re not creative enough? We’ve got you covered.
Your kit will include step-by-step instructions, fresh winter greenery, a plant, soil and decorations for you to create your masterpiece.
What you need for the best experience at home:

  • A roomy workspace with good lighting
  • A pair of clippers or garden shears
  • Garden gloves are optional

*The gnome’s color is a mystery, tucked away in the box, waiting for you to see—a delightful surprise full of glee!*