Snake Plant

Snake Plant
The Snake Plant, also known as Sansivieria is a wonderful low maintenance houseplant. This is a very hardy and easy-care house plant. It is very adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. The straight, stiff, upward leaves give it that modern and contemporary look. They are one of the top air purifying plants around!

Growing Tips


Snake plants do not require much water. When the top inch of soil dries out, that’s when you want to dampen, not soak, the soil. Be careful not to overwater your plant. It is however very hard to underwater these plants. 


Snake plants can handle low light areas, but grows faster when in bright conditions. It is important that the plant does not receive direct sun, rather indirect or filtered sunlight. 


Snake plants usually enjoy temperatures at 16 degrees Celsius up to 26. Anything lower than 16 can result in scarring of the leaves and a stunt in growth.

Plant Food:

Feed your snake plant with any general purpose house plant food diluted in half. It is recommended to feed your plant every three weeks, during the warm months of spring and summer. These plants are light feeder and too much fertilizer can cause leafs to fall over.

Animal Concerns:

The snake plant is mildly toxic to animals. The plant does contain a natural chemical that protects it from insect and fungi, and ingesting this can cause gastrointestinal upset in pets if taken in large amounts.