Easter - let me tell you, I could not wait to sit down and write this blog! Perhaps it was a long winter, or because we had a surprise snowfall after a day of sunshine and 15* weather, but boy am I excited to use every word in the English vocabulary that refers to spring and all things about spring time!

Its the first holiday to celebrate after Christmas, a time where rich colours, and metallics take the stage to shine. Now we get to unleash spring, with pastels or brights no colour is left out when it comes to Easter. Plants, fresh-cuts, eggs, chocolates, bunnies, chicks and oh so much more. When I think of Easter decorating I think of the word 'fresh'. New fresh grass is growing outside our windows, bulbs are starting to pop up out from the fresh soil, and most of all we able to start cracking those windows and letting that beautiful fresh crisp air flow into our home. Everything comes to life in a new and fresh way. Now comes the time to decorate! We hang pansy wreaths, pick up primula, allow the fragrance of hyacinth to fill the air and stalk up on our favorite brightly coloured chocolate treats. Its truly a time where DIYers get to shine, we don't see the typical or traditional centerpiece at Easter. Instead we see clusters of plants and bulbs run along the table, we gather fresh cuts and bud vases and design a tablescape that reminds us of our favorite garden walks. There's a good chance you wont see two Easter table quite alike. That is the magic of Easter and spring.

Instead of showing you table designs someone else has created, we've put together this little video filled with all things spring to get your creative juices flowing!

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Looking for a space to create your own design? Pop into our Create Shed where you are the designer! Bring your own container or use one of ours. Chat with our onsite designer to help execute and fulfill your vision.