*Hosted at our Vineland Location*
Welcome to our Winter Garden Tea, where the allure of a tropical paradise meets the enchantment of the winter season. This whimsical experience, rooted in creativity and natural beauty, offers everything you love about our regular garden tea but with delightful winter twists.
In our relaxed and casually adorned setting, tropical vibes create an unforgettable ambiance, complete with charming mismatched fine bone teacups and saucers – a departure from the ordinary. Here, it’s not pristine white linens that steal the show; it’s the delectable food that takes center stage. Prepare for a culinary journey as you savour our mouthwatering pastries and savoury treats, all crafted in our kitchen with the finest ingredients, each bite bursting with flavour and leaving you yearning for more. Since this isn’t your typical high tea but a unique garden tea experience.


Please read our FAQ to discover everything about this amazing experience.


We look forward to hosting you soon!


Cost: $40 per person (gluten free & vegan $45)