Step into a world where imagination meets appetite at our spectacular Character Breakfast!
Picture this: you and your little ones enter our tropical café where beloved characters from your children’s fondest childhood tales come to life.
But wait, it gets better! Children can wear their most dazzling costume and become part of the story! The possibilities are as endless as their imagination!
Indulge in a scrumptious spread that’s sure to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your savoury cravings.
So, what are you waiting for?  Bring your little ones and join us for a breakfast like no other where costumes are encouraged, and the food is as delightful as the company.
Book your tickets now and prepare for a morning of enchantment at our one-of-a-kind Character Breakfast!
The Character Breakfast is located in our café in our Vineland location.
Tickets are:

  • Wednesday.March.13th & Thursday.March.14th at 10:00am
  • All individuals aged two and above are required to be paying guests in order to attend.
  • $25.00 per person (Children 2 and up and adults)
  • Vegetarian and gluten friendly (+$5.00)