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Willowbrook Planter


Eager to dive into planting but feeling the chill outside? Step into the cozy warmth of our greenhouse and let’s make gardening magic happen with our Willowbrook Planter workshop!


Come and plant a dazzling container featuring Star of Bethlehem, Kalanchoe, Hydrangea, and a selection of lush foliage plants. Become creative as you decorate with vibrant mosses and explore an intriguing use of beloved pussy willow branches.


Craft a beautiful planter uniquely designed by you, and in no time, you’ll be ready to take the essence of your creation to enhance your outdoor garden space.


The warmth, creativity, and greenery of our Willowbrook Planter workshop will bring a touch of spring into your winter days!

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Can’t wait to get out and enjoy planting in your garden. We’ve got you covered with our Willowbrook Planter.


Join us for planting up a stunning container filled with star of Bethlehem, Kalanchoe, Hydrangea and foliage plants.  Decorate with mosses and  an interesting usage of the beloved pussy willow branches.


Enjoy your beautiful planter that you have designed and before you know it you will be out in your gardens.







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