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Song of Spring


Immerse yourself in the allure of our breathtaking Spring Planter workshop, where vibrant jewel tones come to life in a symphony of colors.


Your hands-on experience will involve crafting a splendid arrangement featuring an array of beloved blooms such as daffodils, hyacinth, and begonia, evoking the essence of the season’s renewal.


Envision a halo of curly willow encircling your creation, while a medley of colorful reindeer mosses adds an extra layer of natural charm.


As you work, imagine a tiny songbird heralding the arrival of this beautiful season, capturing the themes of rebirth, joy, and love.


Join us in this workshop where the beauty of Spring comes to life!

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Capture the beauty of this arrangement with it’s breathtaking vibrant jewel  tones.


You will design a  Spring planter featuring  a myriad of beautiful blooms of everyones’ favourites; daffodils, hyacinth, primula and much more. Create a halo of curly willow and add a medly of colourful reindeer mosses while a tiny song bird announces the awakening of this beautiful season capturing rebirth, joy and love.


Enjoy this longlasting arrangement the season and beyond  created by you.





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