Dive into a bloomtastic paradise with our “Petal Party” DIY Kit!
This kit isn’t just about planting; it’s a potted party of tulips, gerberas, and irises, ready to turn your space into a vibrant garden gala. As you pot these floral rockstars, sprinkle in some mushroom decorations for that extra touch of whimsy.
Get ready to throw the most petal-perfect party your windowsill has ever seen!
Think you’re not creative enough? We’ve got you covered.
Your kit will include step-by-step instructions, plants, soil and decorations for you to create your masterpiece.
What you need for the best experience at our store:

  • Clothes that might get a little dirty
  • A sense of adventure as you search for your plants

**Pick your date and time to create your masterpiece in store with us at our Vineland location**