Prepare for an extraordinary creative journey at our “Majestic Urn” workshop!


When we say majestic, we mean it, and it’s not an understatement. This urn is the largest ever offered in our workshop lineup, and it’s simply breathtaking.


The obelisk alone stands nearly 5 feet tall and even comes with  lights for added grandeur. Worried about transport? Don’t be! This striking piece cleverly comes in two parts, making it car-friendly and ensuring it will fit in any vehicle.


The urn itself will be your canvas, ready to be adorned with fresh greens and your choice of decorations. Don’t miss out on this first-ever Majestic Urn workshop – an opportunity to create a masterpiece that will truly stand out and make a statement, whether at your front door entrance  or as an impressive indoor display.


Join us for a workshop that celebrates your creativity on a grand scale, leaving you with an urn that’s nothing short of majestic.