*New* to The Watering Can DIY line-up this year, a bakery DIY kit!
In this bakery kit, you will design your cookies to look like a cute caterpillar waiting for your magic touch.
Grab your icing, sprinkle the variety of candies, and watch as your cookies transform into the most adorable caterpillar ever.
It’s not just decorating; it’s a cookie party where you’re the chief cookie creator!
Think you’re not creative enough? We’ve got you covered.
Your kit will include step-by-step instructions, five cookies and decorations for you to create your bakery masterpiece.
What you need for the best experience at our store:

  • Clothes that might get a little messy or sticky
  • Excitement bubbling up as you dive into the world of pastry, ready to let your inner pastry chef ignite!

**This is a pre-order and create-in-store only project **
Note: The cookies are nut-free but our facility is not a 100% nut free zone.
Plate not included with cookies.
**Pick your date and time to create your masterpiece in store with us at our Vineland location**