Celebrate Mom  with our delightful Mother’s Day DIY Kit! This kit is packed with everything you need to create a heartwarming experience together.
For Mom, there’s a charming planter to brighten up her day. But that’s not all! The kit also includes two sweet scones, two bags of tea and a pot of jam to add a touch of sweetness to her day that she can enjoy to herself or with a loved one.
For the little one, there’s a mini planter to decorate, making it a perfect opportunity to get creative and show Mom some extra love.
With this kit, you can create memories together while giving Mom a well-deserved treat. Order yours today and make this Mother’s Day one to remember!
Think you’re not creative enough? We’ve got you covered.
Your kit will include step-by-step instructions, soil, plants, and decorations for you to create your planter.
What you need for the best experience at home:

  • Two tea cups and plates for your tea, scones and jam
  • A roomy workspace with good lighting
  • Garden gloves are optional

*Plate not included.  Please note that the flavours of tea, scones, and jam may vary, adding an element of delightful surprise to each kit.*