Discover a collection of dried florals waiting to be woven into a stunning rattan wreath. With each petal and stem, you’re creating more than just a wreath – it’s a symphony of nature’s beauty right at your fingertips!
As you assemble this masterpiece, imagine the excitement of crafting your very own rustic haven where every dried bloom whispers tales of timeless charm.
Spruce up your space with this delightful wreath—whether you want to share the joy with everyone in your home or keep it as your personal room dazzler!
Approximate size: 11″ diameter
Think you’re not creative enough? We’ve got you covered.
Your kit will include step-by-step instructions, a wreath and dried florals for you to create your masterpiece.
What you need for the best experience at our store:

  • An eagerness to unleash the blossoming artist within as you embrace dried floral design!

Note: This project uses clippers, adult supervision is required
**Pick your date and time to create your masterpiece in store with us at our Vineland location**