Step into the role of the designer at our “Your Wreath Your Way” workshop! This  workshop is designed to celebrate your individuality allowing you to create a wreath that truly represents your unique style and festive spirit.



Unleash your creativity as this wreath can be customized in countless ways. You’ll have a wide array of colors and decorations to choose from, and what we’re showing here is just the tip of the iceberg. In this workshop, you’ll be the master designer, with the freedom to craft a wreath that’s uniquely your own, limited only by your imagination.



If you love wreath-making but prefer adding your personal finishing touches, this experience is tailor-made for you. We offer a vast array of decorations to fuel your creativity, allowing you to design the wreath exactly the way you envision it.


Embrace the holiday spirit as you craft a fresh and tantalizing Christmas wreath using the freshest greens available. This eye-catching masterpiece will be a source of pride as you welcome the holiday season and your guests with a striking display on your front door.