Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Peace Lily, also known as Spathiphyllum are a very common houseplant that bears dark green broad leaves and lovely white calla like flowers on tall stems. They fit well in just about any type of home and are perfect for tabletops or plants stands. They are also one of the most efficient plants for purifying the air and is a great pick for bedrooms.

Growing Tips


Peace Lillies are a water loving plant! Always keep the soil moist. They are also great at recovering after the plant has wilted from being too dry. However this may lead to brown leaves if done too many times. 


Peace Lilies will bloom their best in high light levels. They have an ability to survive in low light level situations but will bloom less. To keep your plant blooming it is recommended to keep this one in a high light level area. 


Peace lily’s survive at any temperature between 4 degrees to 37 deg C. However they will thrive and grow best in temperatures between 17 and 30 deg Celsius. They also love humidity. If any browning occurs on the leaves, it is recommended to check humidity levels. 

Plant Food:

Peace Lilies like to be fed once or twice a year with a general purpose fertilizer. If you want it to grow a little faster you can fertilize it a little more frequently in the spring and summer months. 

Animal Concerns:

Peace Lilies are toxic when ingested. It can cause oral irritation, vomiting and difficulty swallowing.