Money Tree

Money Tree
The Money Tree, also known as Pachira Aquatica is a beautiful houseplant. Unfortunately like the name suggest, this plant does not produce any money. However it does produce shiny hand-shaped leaves giving any room a tropical feel. In its native environment, a money tree may grow up to 60 feet tall. Generally money trees are kept short and potted with multiple plants, woven into a braid creating a decorative look to your home.

Growing Tips


If you have a tenancy to water on the heavier side, a Money Tree is for you. These plants enjoy having constantly moist soil. Beware to make sure your money tree is not sitting in water.


Money Trees enjoy bright indirect light areas. The more light you can give this plant, the fast it will grow for you.  


Money Trees enjoy a constant warmth. It is also important to consider humidity levels. These plants prefer average to above average humidity levels. A dry area may cause browning in the leafs. 

Plant Food:

Feed your Money Tree with any general purpose house plant food diluted in half. It is recommended to feed your plant biweekly, during the warm months of spring and summer. 

Animal Concerns:

Consumption of a Money Tree is not considered to be toxic to pets.