Succulents, Your Questions answered!

What is a succulent you may be asking and just exactly why are these plants so special? Why not  check out what Wikipedia  has to say, but for those who like a more simplified version this is what we think :)

Succulents are a plant that actually stores water in their “leaves” which makes these plants appear thick, dense and almost juicy looking. This also allows  the plant to go longer periods of time without watering, so for all of us who have a black thumb, it’s a great feature. Because of the hundreds of varieties these plants are available in, there is hardly a colour or shape you can't find. They can be a perfect way to really spruce up a dull corner or shelf in your home. Succulents also propagate very easily, meaning most varieties regrow a new plant. If a leaf has fallen off, simply set it back in the soil and it will start to grow. So again, for those who have the tendency to go through plants faster than free drinks at an open bar, they really are a promising hope.  

You asked and we brought your questions straight to our grower. These are the most common questions we hear when people are shopping for succulents and here is what he had to say;

Q- How often should I be watering?

“When the plant is indoors at least once every 2-3 weeks. When you’ve noticed the soil is dried out or the leaves are getting soft, those are great indications your plant needs some water”

Q - How much light does my plant need to survive?

“As much light as possible. Indirect sunlight is best, in winter they can tolerate full sun however in the summer there is risk of the plant getting burned”

Q- When do I need to replant my succulents?

“Late winter or early spring is the best time to re-pot your succulents so in February or March would be ideal. When the plant has fully outgrown the pot choose a container 1 or 2 sizes up and be gentle, as some succulents can be sensitive”

Q- Should I be fertilizing my planter?

“Yes. An all purpose low dose fertilizer is best once a month”

Q- Do i need to mist my plants?

“Absolutely! It is especially important in the winter time when the air in our homes is more dry. A light misting 2-3 times a week is great.”


Q- Why do my succulents look thin and stretched out

“For some plants that’s just how they grow, pinching them back helps them thicken out. Be sure to leave at least 2’’ of the stem”

Q- The leaves seem soft and mushy. What went wrong?

“It's too dry. Succulents store the water they need in their leaves causing them to be firm and plump so when they start  to get soft, your plant needs more water.”

Q- Why is there white webbing on my plant?

“That is mealy bug. It's the most common pest problem for succulents. Spray your plant with a soap and water solution every 3-4 days and if it hasn't cleared up in 2-3 weeks it is time to throw the plant away. Mealy bug can spread so be sure to move your succulent away from other plants”

How to buy

One of the best things to look for when shopping for succulents is to become acquainted or knowledgeable about the establishment, more so, than the plant. If you're buying your plant from a place that is well experienced about plants and can give you the advice and guidance you're looking for, then that’s a great start. Also, check to see that they are caring for their plants and giving them general maintenance. If these signs are clear, you can trust that the plant you're buying is going to be healthy and ready to be a great addition in your home!