Spend Time With Mom

When she says “don’t buy me anything” or “I don’t want anything” - she actually means it! I know you’re thinking she’s just saying that! Don’t just assume that’s NOT what she means and still go out to buy gifts. I am here to tell you - you should listen to your mother! It’s true, there is nothing you have to ‘get’ her but that doesn’t mean, you can’t spoil her. There are plenty of ways to show our mothers we care and appreciate all their hard work. We need to attempt to return the impossible amount of love she has given us. We all have a mom and some of us may even have more than one. Whether it’s our birth mother we choose to celebrate or it may be one of those amazing women in our lives who have loved and supported us. They are all mothers and deserve to be treated as such.  

Now that the holiday is here, we prepare by buying the cards, wrapping the gifts and hopefully have her do, as little as possible, on her special day. Well, being a mom of 2 myself and on behalf of most mothers out there - here's the inside scoop on what we really desire this year...it’s YOU!

We want you! We want the time with no interruptions, with no limitations and no restrictions. We want you to be focused, to be intentional and most of all to be present. In this busy, fast paced world we are looking for just a moment to be still, for a moment to turn to a memory, a memory we can reflect on and say - I am loved. A moment without technology, without hustling in and then out the door again, leaving behind nothing but a wrapped gift to look at.

So I am here to declare, put down your cellphones, turn off the TV, the groceries can wait a day and the house will still stand even if isn’t clean. Instead, grab hold of your mother and take the  time to spend the day together   How simple is that? That's it! Spend time! Actual quality time. Pack a picnic and sit in the park, brew a cup of tea  and look at old photographs, take the kids and plant a garden . Just take the time.

The ways to show our love, in fact does not need to be wrapped, contrary to what cliche may instill. Dig deep and find a heartfelt way to customize your mother's day geared to YOUR mom - not what hallmark predicts, not even what I suggest, just what you feel she deserves. And she deserves a lot!

Time is  short and there never seems to be enough of it. Time cannot be bought and it can’t be sold therefore, the best gift we can give is the priceless gift of time.