" The Hum of Bees is the Voice of a Garden "


The Honey Bee needs our help. We are seeing more and more of a growing concern for these small beautiful insects and we are certainly excited to do our part! The decline of theie colonies are due to many different causes including the use of pesticides, something we are proud to say we do not use! All of our plants are grown eco friendly and without the use of harsh chemicals. Instead of chemicals we rely on bugs themselves! These tiny little helpers used in our plants eat out the bad to save the good, leaving your plants healthy chemical free and ready to invite the bees for a healthy satisfying lunch!

Bees need many different types of plant species and millions of them - just per one colony! According to the Canadian Honey Counsel there are over 50,000 bees per colony and in order for them to make one pound of honey they need over 2 million flowers!! Just one bee will visit 50-100 flowers in one trip, I am sure You can imagine what's in a days work for that small bee! Take a look around your own garden. If you have about 100 flowers, you house could be a one stop shop for that hard working bee.

We often forget and selfishly pick plants for our own pleasure, for their colour, longevity and of course how well they match! This season we are strongly encouraging you to think about our  friends that bring a little sweetness to our day. Here is a link to the floral calendar for bees! http://newsite.pollinator.ca/plant_canada/  take a look and consider planting one or two or possibly a hundred of these to help save our bees! 


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