Repotting Simplified!

Okay let’s dive right in and talk repotting. Some do’s and don'ts to make a successful transfer of your plant, and keep the lifespan its intended to have. There are some plants like orchids, that receive much different repotting process or like a Anthurium that like to be pot bound, but generally tropical house plants can receive the same care in the process.

When: The best time to transplant your plants is in early spring. In winter months houseplants can tend to become dormant and little growth is happening. Spring is when everything starts to come alive, including your indoor plants. So after they have been the process and aggravation of repotting you want to make sure they will thrive!

Size: When choosing a pot size to transfer into, you only need to go up one size. Placing them in a pot that’s too big can lead to over watering and other harmful mistakes. A 6’’ plant can be transplanted into an 8’’ and thrive!

Soil: Always use fresh soil! Soil can become old, so when repotting you want to make sure you have shaken all the loose dirt off the roots and replace with fresh new soil. Sometimes a plant can be unhealthy and not need a bigger pot but just fresh soil instead. After months and months of watering the plant will eventually use up all the nutrients inside that soil and require some fresh new dirt!

Roots: It’s always good to ‘tease’ the roots before it goes into its new pot. We want to do this because it distresses them and promotes new growth! Running your fingers through and breaking them up forces the plant to bring energy there and ensures a successful transplant.

Stones: If your pot does NOT have drainage and you find yourself to over water, adding a few stones at the bottom allows a spot for excess water to go. It isn’t always needed, but makes a great safety net!

Aftercare: Once your plant is finished and repotted, it’s always good to water it in with a fresh drink and some fertilizer!

Ready: Not sure if your plant is ready? Ask us, we’d love to answer your questions and make sure your setting up for success. Bring your plant into out Create shed and repot it here! We’d be happy to help and have everything you’d need.