Recycle, Reuse, Redesign!

Anyone have old vases lying around, ceramics collecting dust, pots piled in the corner? Perhaps you have redecorated and are in need of a new colour scheme for your containers, or maybe you've received a few arrangements and could not part with these precious containers. They have been tucked away keeping in mind "I know I'll find a use for it someday". Well, now is the time to take action as that 'someday' has arrived. Spring is well known for it's blossoms and birds but is also a time to clean, sort, and re organize our homes and garages. Yes 'Spring Cleaning' that job you despise but love. Don't despair! We have a few simple solutions to help clean out that Vase cupboard of yours. Your different styled and unique shaped vase's can come to life with a little imagination. 

If you are looking for a quick fix we have the answer. Next time you come to our store to pick out that ready-made Euro, think to yourself first "Do I have a container?" If the answer is "Yes" then bring it in to us and we will make you a custom arrangement  inside your ceramic. This saves yourself the cost of having to purchase another container, allowing you to spend money where it really counts - towards the flowers! You have now downsized your clutter plus your friend receives a beautiful arrangement. Maybe your the type of person who would rather send a plant for a housewarming or to decorate a friends desk at work. All you have to remember is to bring your unused container with you. Pick or choose a plant to fit inside and now you've spruced up a simple plant with very little cost. Are you having a bouquet delivered? A great idea for boosting up the presentation is to have us send it in one of your old vases which you no longer need. 

Okay, for those of you out there who have a little more time on their hands (I'm quite certain you exist) we have options for you as well. With a little loving care and some added materials you can take that vase collecting dust and turn it into a whole new look giving it new purpose. Here are just a few ideas.

You could turn it into a lamp, with or without the option of adding a plant. Turning it upside down and attaching a plate would give you a one of a kind cake stand. Fill your vase with sand or stones to have a customized book end. Add water and fish for you vase to come to life! Candles would never blow out when set on your outdoor furniture thanks to that vase you pout them in. Or get angry and smash them to make your very own mosaic with the glass fragments. 

For our last group, the ones who still want to use their vases, as vases but perhaps just needs a fresh look and update to their current decor we have ideas for you too.

Try spray painting or dipping them in paint to add a pop of colour to the glass. Cutting the toe of a nylon or the tip off a balloon allows you to stretch it over the vase and coordinate it with any themed party. Wrapping twine or hemp adds a more rustic look, giving it a vintage flair. Collect twigs and branches to give texture creating a one of kind vase.

Let me know how YOU choose to de-clutter your vases.