Plants that purify the air & reduce toxins

It should be no surprise that just like trees produce oxygen and clean our air, so do the plants inside our home. So the question is, why aren't we all living inside a tropical oasis?

Okay, there may the issue of space, or maintenance and the fact that not everyone will share the same passion for these living green beauties. But hey, that doesn't mean I can't spread the knowledge so that at least everyone has a plant or two improving the quality inside their homes!

Here’s what you need to know. First, in 1989, NASA discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, how cool right?! New studies since are diving into their air cleaning abilities and prove that it's a more natural and therapeutic way then electronic air purifiers. NASA recommends 2-3, 8”-10” pots for every 100 sq feet - I mean, we knew that, it’s not rocket science.. Not only do plants clean our air, but they have a calming effect that can reduce stress, increase a positive mood and enhance concentration.

Now that we know its astronaut approved, let’s get some more detailed ideas.

Variety is the spice of life, keep this rule for your houseplants too! Change it up, explore and have a selection of different kinds.

Next, not all are created equal, there are some that prove to be better than others in eliminating those toxins!

Of course you’ll want to consider your furry friends. Some plants or some PARTS of plants can be toxic to our four legged pets. Keep these things in mind when selecting your varieties!

Ready to get started? We've designed this custom kit  with a nice selection of houseplants to clean and purify your home, choose one to best suit your needs! 

Watch below if you want to see our top 6 air purifying house plants and how to care for them!