Our 20th Anniversary and the incredible journey that brought us here!

Believe it or not, like most small businesses, this one also started in the basement of a hard working and passionate woman. Putting together small market bouquets, neatly wrapping fresh local flowers then shipping them off 3 days a week to The St. Catharine’s Farmers Market was just a side job for this hardworking mother of three. Business was good, it quickly outgrew the small basement and before she knew it, she was searching for a larger workshop. Many advised downtown was not an ideal location, however, Marja went against the odds and took over rent of a previous butcher shop, located on the heart of James Street. It wasn’t long before the space was quickly converted into a small haven for plants and blooming bouquets. Realizing that this could be more than just a workshop, the front door was opened daily for passersby to watch the production and even purchase! As quickly as Marja had began her new venture, it was time to start the renovation from workshop to Floral Shop. Some paint, new flooring, and lovely wallpaper border featuring a simple tin Watering Can was the original look for this small shop -  ‘The Watering Can Flower Market’ was born.

Looking to stay true to a name that read ‘Flower Market’, her vision and goal was quality and freshness above all else!  Being of direct descent from the Netherlands, the European flare came naturally and strongly showcased in her designs. Her unique design was passed on and grew with each new designer adding their own custom flare. Word travels fast so it wasn't long before customers fell in love with these new designs, featuring a unique European concept, an affordable price and quality cut flowers to WOW even the biggest skeptics! Marja knew the purpose of flowers were to celebrate all kinds of life’s emotions and celebrations, which inspired the logo ‘Merchants of Happiness’ and could be seen printed on the shirts of all staff members.

A quick 10 years later, Marja and her sister Lisa, with an already existing garden center, started an exciting collaboration about a second location. The vision was to build a flower shop directly in the existing greenhouse! A bit of planning and some quick construction, The Watering Can Vineland, took flight and the expansion was booming. Vineland, with its larger location started to offer workshops, along with many other programs, yet another small idea that grew into something magnificent.

Another 10 years have quickly past and this blooming business is still a highly family involved operation with new ideas constantly being pushed forward. It’s truly an incredible legacy and journey each store has seen and we couldn’t be more proud of where we are today. We strongly thank our customers for choosing to shop locally owned and operated. We could not be where we are today without you and your support. We are excited about the adventure ahead and are eager to keep quality and customer care above all else.

Cheers to 20 years!!!