It's all about the table at Easter

Easter is just around the corner and with it comes new inspiration of pastels, crisp whites, and the sweet scent of spring. Dreaming up ideas for the centrepiece simply makes our team smile from ear to ear. The very idea of filling the runner with simple clusters of eggs, bulbs, fresh cuts and of course the chocolates and sweets is enough to forget that the word ''Winter'' exists. 

Easter allows so much creativity and freedom for decorating the table, as we are not confined to reds, greens and cedar sprigs of the winter season. We can burst at the seams with enthusiasm to make our vision come alive. Everything tends to feel so new at spring. New growth, new life and definitely new ideas! Dreaming and brainstorming sometimes takes longer then I could care to admit but how could I resist? After all, designing is in my blood.

Instead of dwelling on about how much I enjoy preparing for Easter, thought I'd share some inspiration for those visual learners out there who are looking to get a little jump start on idea's for this years Easter table design.

Shown here are ideas we've created using bulbs, pansies and primula in a simple but minimal way yet adding the ambience elegance. Here are 3 different ways to assemble your plants based on containers you already have at home.

1)  If you have one large container - this is easiest design, plant your bulbs and plants in a way thats pleasing to you! we suggest placing the largest bulb in the centre and the smaller ones around, leaving space at the edge for the pansies and ivy.

2) This option is great for a slightly larger table and to split them amongst 2 containers - The large bulb and hydrangea can each go in one of the containers. The small bulbs can each go in a container along with the pansies and ivy. Finish off with your deco and moss your table is complete with all things spring! 

3) If a longer simpler design is what you desire, then splitting your plants among 3 containers will allow a more simplistic design. Keep the hydrangea in your middle container and the large bulb can be split into 3. Your 2 smaller containers can have 1x4" bulb with a pansy. Add one ivy in each container and accessorize with your moss and deco!  

The combinations of design options are endless, let your inner designer flourish and enjoy creating your custom one of a kind tablescape.  

Photos shown includes: 1x6" bulbs, 2x4" bulbs, 1x4" Hydrangea, 2x4" pansies, 3x4" Ivy, pussy willow, moss, soil and spring deco. 

 Please remember, consider buying your bulbs a few days in advance to ensure that they are beautifully blooming for your guests arrival. 

For those of you who have a more traditional style the good ol' classic table arrangement never lets you down. Creating it oblong, round, funky, modern or classic will always be a crowd pleaser for sure. This allows for it to be customized in any colour to match your decor and gives a beautiful variety of fresh cuts to show off all the beauties of spring. A low profile container is a huge plus to enhance the piece as well as giving your guests the opportunity of making eye contact. 

Happy Decorating!

" It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it you want it - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so! "             ~ Mark Twain