Holiday Urn Guide

 Embrace the holiday season and decorate your home with a beautiful winter urn. We have devised a very simple way to shop for your holiday urns this season, with 3 simple options, there is something for everyone!

Looking for tips to care for your urn, we've got em!

The most important thing is water. Our urns  are all constructed in 100% oasis. This is the best way to keep the optimum amount of moisture in your container which will ensure your greens to stay healthy and fresh. Because of milder temperatures, it is important to make sure they stay topped up with water. Once old man winter begins to show and those temperatures drop to freezing, there is no longer a need to water your Urn, unless it thaws. Proper care of your urn could keep it fresh all the way to see the Easter bunny, although we are sure you'll be ready for pansies at their earliest release!

Here's what you should know.

We've always stood behind our quality and our urns are no exception to that rule. That means right from the very start we make certain to source from areas that produce lush, long lasting, greenery. Next, we construct our urns , full and all sided. We believe no matter where you choose to place your urn it should be beautiful for viewing all the way around. We include over 6 different varieties of greens in your urn. This assures there will be texture and color contrast throughout the various greens. We know you take pride in your home therefore, your outdoor decor should stand out and make a statement. Call us  at The Watering Can to help you achieve the best look for your home.

Happy Holidays!