Gift Giving Guide for the Plant lover

If you have plant lover in your life, here are a few suggestions on what to surprise them with for Birthdays, Anniversaries or Just because!

1)Misters - these are great to have on hand, and if the person your buying for is truly a plant enthusiast they likely have one or need one. Most will go buy a a standard inexpensive plastic mister bottle. Here’s the thing, they most likely won’t get used if they are tucked away hiding, and if they don’t match decor..they are most likely tucked away. So buy them a nice, glass, brass or decorative mister to match their decor! They can leave it out get more use from it and both them and their plants will thank you!

2)Gloves - So if this plant worshiper truly has a green thumb, it most likely means they can keep a plant alive long enough to be transplanted. Or maybe they’ve propagated newer small plants that now to be nestled in some fresh soil - they need gloves! Keeps their hand clean and brings a re garden fell indoors!

3)Clippers - this is something not everyone will ‘splurge’ on, even tho they really are quite affordable. Most will turn to their kitchen scissors and we say NOOO to that! Scissors can be harm to our plants by pinching in the wrong places, or maybe not durable enough for some plants/roots. Make them feel professional and get them their own clippers!

4)Plant books - knowledge is key to becoming one with your plants. Never hurts to have some reading material and somewhere tom brush up on what’s going on in the world of plants.

5)Plants - plants for the plant lover, makes sense right? Choose a mixed box and have it sent right to their door!