Day 4


  "Wow" is the only word that comes to mind!  To say we are ecstatic is an understatement!  Sleep? Who needs it. The tv is like a good glass of wine, so irresistible you can't stay away from it. It lures and draws us in like a good book that one can't bear to put down.  One more glimpse and" Yes," Canada has made us proud, once again.  The next day I sit at my computer with eyes stinging, thinking why does Valentines have to fall during the Olympics?  Could we not have postponed Valentines? Of course not! This is one of the busiest days of the year at The Watering Can, so that's just not happening. Enjoy the best of both worlds... Yes!  We have just installed a 50” tv in the store. The line ups on Valentines day can be enduring  but with a little help from our friend, the Olympics, that special man in your life shall have no complaints? Before he knows it he will be at the counter and out the door. Well, maybe not, he may just have to stay to watch the end result of a competition. Brilliant, I think and oh yah we might just take a quick peek ourselves!

  Everywhere  we go there's a certain buzz in the air. Whether it's  shopping, Timmies, the movies or work, the interest of the Olympics is the number one topic.  Our country is on fire and yes it should be. Even though we are afar from Sochi we stand proud for each and every Olympian. There is excitement in the air. Even for those who are not sports enthusiasists the Olympics has a way of sparking that special something in each and everyone of us.  Such an incredible time to live in this awesome country.  Last night I had a special sweetness added to my evening. I was very spoiled by my niece. She brought me a fresh baked cookie... I will add just not any cookie. A scrumptious sugar cookie proudly displaying the Olympic rings. This inspiration comes from her own appreciation and love for the Olympics. I love you Caroline!!! But just one cookie? That's just a tease, like a couple more would be good. Her reply get off your butt , there's plenty more at The Watering Can Pastry Market! Well, I guess I was told but it is difficult to stop just at one. Hey maybe she has my best interest in mind and doesn't want to see me become too big of a couch potato. Time to tune back into the Olympics. There just might be another medal winner.