Welcome to “the shed” a place created for the crafty, the inspired and those ready to get their hands dirty! 

If your looking to build a project, construct a DIY or just match a pot to your plant this is your space. 

You get to be the designer, you get to choose your workshop and we encourage those that think outside the box to let their imagination soar.

 Friends gather, familys build, and individuals flourish while we provide the materials to bring visions to life!

This project was years in the making, the idea of having a space for everyone to participate in floral culture was a long time goal for Lisa who always has something up her sleeve. It’s no surprise that a common trait to her sister Marja is the desire to make flowers available to everyone, no matter the budget or skill set.

The Create shed is exactly that, a spot to take away the idea you have to be a master florist to create a living piece. We all have it in us to create something beautiful, it’s all about playing and keeping an open mind.

We encourage you to dream up your own ideas, or maybe start with some inspiration we've provided. You may even want to attend a saturday ‘pop up’ where projects are simple, playful and spark your inner botanist. The sky's the limit once you enter the shed, we look forward to seeing the creations that come from there!