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Bloom on, Bud

Posted by Caroline Dodd on February 22, 2019

When it comes to house plants, the trend seems to be going green. Foliage plants and succulents offer such a wide range in texture, variety, plus, the fact there is much more access to unique varieties. We see buggies crammed with all the green... but wait; what about all the blooms, all the…

All you need is Love?

Posted by Caroline Dodd on January 25, 2019

So for those that say yes to love, that say yes to believing in keeping romance alive, and choose to shower their valentines with blooms and use the ‘language of flowers’ this blog is for you. Here’s the top 5 tips to making sure the bunch your giving is everything it should be and will light up their smile and heart

Repotting Simplified!

Posted by Caroline Dodd on January 15, 2018

Okay let’s dive right in and talk repotting. Some do’s and don'ts to make a successful transfer of your plant, and keep the lifespan its intended to have.

Plants that purify the air & reduce toxins

Posted by Caroline Dodd on January 9, 2018

It should be no surprise that just like trees produce oxygen and clean our air, so do the plants inside our home. So the question is, why aren't we all living inside a tropical oasis?Here’s what you need to know first, in 1989 NASA discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, how cool right?!

You have the Vase, heres what goes in it!

Posted by Caroline Dodd on January 16, 2017

You're ready to hit the flower stands and become a DIY designer! Hold on - you don't know where to start! Before you have a pinterest fail, here's some simple guidelines to keep in mind when you're buying to fill those blank canvas vessels.

Its Winter, What are your houseplants trying to tell you?

Posted by Caroline Dodd on January 16, 2017

We know they can detoxify the air and uplift our spirits but what about their needs? We see them thrive in the summer and flourish in the spring but what are they trying to tell us in these winter months?

Fresh Flower Fun Facts

Posted by Caroline Dodd on November 1, 2016

Here's a little blog to make sure that those floral bunches you are bringing home are getting the care they need and you're getting the longest life span possible to enjoy them! We are noticing a trend of more and more people looking to take on the art of flowering arranging and DIY centerpieces.…

Succulents, Your Questions answered!

Posted by Caroline Dodd on October 26, 2016

What is a succulent you may be asking and just exactly why are these plants so special? You asked and we brought your questions straight to our grower.

Floaters VS Sinkers

Posted by Caroline Dodd on April 18, 2013

What types of flowers can be submerged and which ones can float? This is a question we have been asked many times, and hopefully we can help clarify.