Beer Burgers and bloom workshop!


Last evening we hosted our very first all male workshop. This might not be a big deal to some but to us OH YES it is!  During the months of November and December we had over 4000 participants attending workshops and out of that number, 11 were men.  So, to get 65 men out in one evening was no small feat. Our plan to get them in the door was to offer beer and food. And it was a success! The funny part about this was some guys had no idea they were making a floral piece. Their buddy simply told them they were coming out for beers and burgers, omitting one wee element... the blooms part. 

  There are some differences between men and women and last night’s workshop drilled that home.  Typically, our workshop classes start at 7 pm. Our ladies workshops are lucky to get started by 7:15 to 7:20 but the men’s workshop started at 7 pm prompt! All the men were there at 6:55 anxiously awaiting to see what was in store for them –Score for the men!

The instructor goes through step by step giving detailed instruction on measurement. Most women we show them three times and usually need some guidance on exactly where to cut the flower.  Men- they were told to cut at 4” and they just randomly cut anywhere from 2” to 8” –goes to show men really don’t know how long an inch is.  Keeping in mind we had construction crews, architects, mechanics etc… really they should know how long an inch is ( Lol).

  Men have no fear – they fearlessly cut staple and place wherever they think it looks good.  Women – not so much we want ours to be perfect and if possible the best in the class.  Men -" Yah Bud" works for me!

In the workshops if any product isn’t up to standard you can ask to replace the item and we usually do with the women workshops .It’s a norm and we fully anticipate that happening (after all the products are all fresh).  Sometimes we replace flowers just because the lady in front of her asked to exchange, so she decides she needs a new one too … it's kind of a ripple effect.  Men…. Not a single item was replaced or a container changed because of its colour. 

This evening was a fun and entertaining evening. Hats off to the men and a job well done. There was a lot of laughter and  great comrade among everyone. As instructors we had great laughs as well from some men wanting to sell their pieces in the store, to some very uniquely written cards to their loved ones.  This was a win win situation with the men getting beer, burgers and the women... well for some an “interesting” flower piece. But what really counts is the thought. Guys what a way to impress that special someone in your life and at the same time have a lot of fun. Let's not forget this event has benefitted all women in Niagara with the proceeds going towards breast cancer support.

This evening could not have being pulled off without the great support from Niagara college brewery and August restaurant from Beamsville and the Incredible staff from the Watering can!

Thank you everyone!

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